Amazon Announces New Fire TV Box

As Amazon touts its newest Fire TV, let’s look at the bigger market. Streaming dongles and set-top devices are in a fascinating place presently: Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV and associated products are contending over market space with smart TVs, smart receivers, consoles, and computer setups. They all offer the same capabilities for streaming content, […]

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GoPro Announces Fusion, a 360 Cam to Get Back on Track

After a number of years of rapid growth and high expectations, GoPro is current under pressure to maintain its position at the top of the mobile digital camera market. The active/sport market that GoPro once dominated has been penetrated by great new devices like Google Clips, designed to be direct GoPro competitors. Even drone cameras […]

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XGIMI CC Aurora: A Hybrid Travel Projector With Ambition

Once upon a time, the market was filled with “pico” projectors, super tiny digital projectors that you could almost put in your pocket and project on the wall without needing the best projector screens available. Picos were more often than not about brands showing up what they could do – the trend never really picked […]

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