Backstrong Most Comfortable Office Chairs

We like to watch Kickstarter for any important upcoming products that may be worth our considerations, and this is in line with out search for the best and the most comfortable office chairs around.

So for Backstrong? Congratulations! They are worth a closer look, officially. What makes Backstrong worthwhile, you asked?

Well, it’s a combined, two sorts of chairs all rolled into one. First, it is a traditional office chair with a swiveling feet on its base, deep, sloped back, and has curved armrests. Not a lot of padding, it’s actually pretty basic with a pretty design.

Second, this is interesting, the chair has a bucket-like design for your butts that swivels up and down as you need it to. This encourages you to lean for a better posture, naturally. And it corrects how you sit by encouraging you to revert back to your proper position naturally after you are done leaning forward. It also allows you a little movement when things get boring. And for publicity, Backstrong has another thing going for them. Quotes featured were from Justin Bieber and Paula Abdul and a picture of Shaq was released by their marketing team. And all this appears to be thanks to a renowned LA chiripractor and co-creator Dennis Colonello, who has a long list of celebrity clients that he can ask for a few blurbs. When it comes to an office chair, who knows how much celebrity blurbs are worth, however, they aren’t nothing, and the Kickstarter claims that the chair can be used to help prevent herniations, scoliosis, sciatica, muscle strain, and fatige (not all these are spelled correctly on their fundraising page). Big if true, as they say. There’s one final advantage to the Backstrong chair: most office chairs in Kickstarter are elaborate affairs that can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. You can get the Backstrong for just $250 as an early bird price, compared to even mainstream quality office chairs, this makes it look good. But, there are a few things that were noticed about this chair. Firstly, there appears to be only one size and no way to actually adjust the chair, though it is available in a number of different colors. Since adjustment and positioning is usually key when you are buying a “healthy” office chair, this seemed to be a concern to some.

Secondly, there is a question regarding the durability of this chair since it is made essentially with two different pieces, with a swivel designed bottom. This details makes people nervous. So, the question given that condition is how durable is this chair, really? And what would happen when one of the parts wears out?

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