Amazon Announces New Fire TV Box

As Amazon touts its newest Fire TV, let’s look at the bigger market. Streaming dongles and set-top devices are in a fascinating place presently: Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV and associated products are contending over market space with smart TVs, smart receivers, consoles, and computer setups. They all offer the same capabilities for streaming content, […]

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Whirlpool’s Feature-Rich Smart Microwave Does It All

When searching for the top rated microwaves, you should take a look at Whirlpool’s newest over-range model WMH78019HV, which brings much-needed smart features into the kitchen. In theory, the Whirlpool smart app is absolutely what homeowners and chefs have been looking for: A way to attach bigger appliances to a wireless network and control them […]

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Backstrong Most Comfortable Office Chairs

We like to watch Kickstarter for any important upcoming products that may be worth our considerations, and this is in line with out search for the best and the most comfortable office chairs around. So for Backstrong? Congratulations! They are worth a closer look, officially. What makes Backstrong worthwhile, you asked? Well, it’s a combined, […]

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