Electric Toothbrush That Doesn’t Use Any Batteries

For even the best rated electric toothbrushes, the most annoying part would be the need to always charge it. Some may say that these e-toothbrushes tend to die at the most annoying of times. Now, enter the Be. An electric toothbrush that doesn’t use any batteries, but still apparently manages to give off some vibrations like a traditional model. To read the explanations and to watch the video, you can check on the Kickstarter. Although, we know that you are already curious. How does an e-toothbrush work without the need of any batteries? The answer is the kinetic storage located in the handle of the device.

You get 2 minutes of toothbrushing action, just by twisting the handle of the device twice (no more, no less).

You can repeat the steps when needed, and there will be no need to think about a battery.

It may sound a little far-fetch, however, if you would remember your physics lessons, then you will remember how much energy something like a spring can store when constructed in the right way. And if you will look a little closer, you will see that it uses the same sort of system.

That would mean there would be a lot fewer electronics of course! However, not totally zero.

With a sensor that measures pressure, the miracle toothbrush can also be considered smart because it helps you brush effectively with the help of those sensors.

An interesting addition to a toothbrush and could possibly help to eliminate odors on your mouth as you brush is the active charcoal bristle head, which is included on their design. Active charcoal is also known to kill some bacteria, so it would really be beneficial for the users to choose Be. Toothbrush.

The Be. may also be the product that you may be looking for if you like eco friendly products.

The brush’s design makes it fully recycable, the brush heads are also biodegradable. Even the packaging is recycled and the best part is, it is an efficient energy saver.

Being in areas where there’s no way to charge the traditional toothbrush, the design of the Be. makes it so ideal for backpacking and traveling.

Things you need to know if you are interested in ordering a mode:

-it comes with three replaceable toothbrush heads which are made from bamboo and fiber

-there’s also a special toothpaste

-and a collection of flossers which are biodegradable as well-place

Also, you don’t have to worry about protecting it, because the model come with a snap on top for storage and travel.

A reasonable $49 price tag for the early birds who would be availing the model was given. And with the other packages, it includes some extra accessories, so all-in-all it is a pretty good deal… that is as long as the brush works as advertised.

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