iPhone 8 Plus is Still one of the Most Expensive Flagship Phones On The Market

The Apple company is making it harder and harder to review their iPhones every year. And again, the new phone model is iterative.

[Update: Black Friday is here and there are a host of top notch iPhone8 Plus deals to be snapped up.]

So here we start our redundant features of the iPhone models; the iPhone 8 Plus looks like its predecessor the iPhone 7 Plus, that looks like the 6S Plus, that looks like the 6 Plus. The only thing that is new to it is the visual addition of the glass back and the two-tone effect that it creates. If it doesn;t have those added visual features then it would be really hard to tell this and the previous model apart. Having said that, maybe this is more of a statement regarding about the state of the industry. With their 8 Plus, you would feel like Apply is saying that there is nothing truly fundamental out there to move to as they have never changed things for the sake of it. Then there is also the iPhone X, hich does plug in reams of new techno, and move the dial dramatically and alter the way we thing about the iPhones.

Here is our iPhone 8 review:

We can assume that this is the one that the people are not willing to spend outrageous sums of money on a handset that will look like a ‘default’ iPhone.

The iPhone 8 Plus is still one of the most expensive flagship phones on the market, despite not being in the X’s price bracket – so it needs to have that something a little different to command interest over their previous models. You may also find some strong upgrades on the 8 Plus, like it’s enhanced camera, their internal workings is now listed  among the most powerful in the industry. There are also some tweaks throughout to smooth off rough edges in a way that would make us feel Sir Jony Ive climbed inside his computer and lathed them off himself.

By clicking on the play button above y ou can watch our iPhone 8 Plus video review. And to add to that the 8 Plus had a better screen and battery which make it the better iPhone compared to the smaller 8.

However, smartphone users today are getting more discerning and they hold onto their handsets for  longer than ever before, so Apple’s new phablet needs to deliver.

Iphone 8 Plus versus iPhone x:

Although not to the same level as versus the iPhone 8, the first difference would be the cost. The iPhone X starts at $999 (£999 / AU$1,579) if you prefer the 64GB model. The 8 Plus, however, begins at $799 (£799 / AU$1,229) all for the same capacity.

For that slightly higher cost, you might want to know what you are getting. Primarily, you’ve got the bezel-less 5.8 inch display screen with a 1125 x 2436 resolution and it’s OLED display tech too. And being said that, that was superior to the 5.2 inch 1080 x 1920 on the iPhone 8. And how to unlock the iPhone 8 Plus is another big difference to consider, with its Touch ID fingerprint scanning (as it has been for years). However, with the iPhone X, you will be unlocking your phone with your face using the Face ID.

This will be one of the main key things we will look at in our reivew of the iPhone X when it lands because we are worried if the Face ID will be fast enough to learn and recognize faces. Animoji, a camera feature where emoji can be animated by mapping your face is a feature locked to the iPhone X exclusively, and it’s the notch at the top of this model. You will not find it with its other kin like the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone 8. Due to the way the phones are packed to accommodate for the iPhone X notch, the camera on the 8 Plus is vertical and the X is horizontal, although both iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X have dual cameras for a more comprehensive photographic experience and which also allows for background de-focus.

The iPhone 8 Plus is basically the bigger-screen version of the 8 series, with a better lift and a better battery. With a chock-full of new technology, the iPhone X is the Apple’s next generation of phone. It is like a shiny-new-toy for the Apple fans, however, it is expensive and untested. If you really wanted to find out which is best of the two, we would recommend for you to wait a few days because our full review for the iPhone X is incoming.

Some iPhone 8 Plus details:

Launch price (64GB): $799 (£799 / AU$1,229)

Launch price (256GB): $949  (£949 / AU$1,479)

Launched date: September 22, 2017

The price of the iPhone 8 Plus is higher for model 64GB for $799 (£799 / AU$1,229) compared to the 256GB model for $949 (£949 / AU$1,479), but it was probably no surprise to you.

Now, for those who want to stick a few high-power applications on there, download reams of music, and record a fair amount of video, there really needs to be a middle ground option and that is where a 128GB model would have fitted nicely. It’s good to see that Apple is starting to get back ahead of how much storage most peole would need and love because the average user might struggle to fill the 64GB variant with apps, music and photos.

Well, given that the iPhone 8 Plus can record 3mins of video at 2.16GB and 4K at 60fps, do much filming at that quality then you will fill the 64GB variant fairly easily.

If you are looking to get syour hands on one, you can do so now because the iPhone 8 Plus release date was last September 22.

The phone offers new powers by its glistening gold back. And its glass back allows the phone to do wireless charging. Over-all the visual side of the phone looks luxurious in gold.

The outer coloring of the iPhone 8 Plus, if you will look at it from an aesthetic point of view, it is the most noticeable feature. With a gold aluminum rim and a white/gold glass back mixing together, this new gold version is their main event. The space gray and silver colors do not quite have the same visual punch, however, when you are holding it in your hands those phones will still feel different with their glass back.


What are the shades does the phone come in? It is not primarily for aesthetic why they have these glass back. And just when it looked like it might be losing steam, the Apply company has finally jumped into the band wagon for wireless charging. For the last couple of years, Samsung has been the main promoter of the latest technology when it comes to smartphones. But with Apple’s on board wireless charging, it is very likely to become mainstream,

No one will deny its convinience, you just pop your phone into the charging pad and off you go doing things. Very much simpler than connecting and disconnecting a phone cable. It’s not revolutionary though it has been there for years for phone technology.

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