LG V30 have enough to top the short list of the best smartphone

When it comes to smartphone wars, LG has been living in its competitor’s shadows for the longest time.

There are no doubt that the LG’s manufacturer makes solid smartphones, however, their Korean neighbor always manages to edge it with overall performance. But now, it might be a thing of the past with LG’s latest release. It is their well-rounded phone to date.

Now, this model isn’t just a larger version of LG’s G6, their spring flagship. The LG V30 is surprisingly updated on a lot of things and this happened for just a few months that passed by.

LG is apparently aiming to stand out among the best in the market by going-full-force.

Question is, does the LG V30 have enough to top the short list of the best smartphone?

Here’s some review for you to ponder on those questions.


Price: $35/month

(Verizon) – $840

Available: October 2017

Model: V30

Summary: A featured packed smartphone. You will be surprised to see all the luxuries you will come to fund and expect in a top-end flagship these days. It has wireless charging, small bezels, waterproofing, HiFi audio, however, it takes a couple extra steps with a brilliant wide-angled camera.

It would have been a winner if the V30’s P-OLED interface and screen could keep up with the finest.

LG V30 Pros:

-Sturdy, premium and waterproof design

-Excellent body-to-screen ratio

-An awesome wide-angle camera featured

-Some of the best audio in a smartphone (HiFi DAC)

LG V30 Cons:

-Poor low-brightness P-OLED screen quality

-There should be a quicker camera interface

-Could have a faster software because it’s already dated

-The quality of the mono-speaker is meh


When it comes to LG V30, there are a lot to consider. Though they may have some excellent standout feature, we cannot deny that  there’s also those features that missed the mark (which we think shouldn’t in a 2017 flagship smartphone, frankly speaking).

The V30 is probably your best choice if an exceptional audio, wide-angle camera, and an excellent form/design factor would be an invaluable to your smartphone usage. However, you might want to look elsewhere if you want the best software and display.

There is a huge possibility for the LG to give Samsung a run for its money, only after they do some rework for its P-OLED and does some revamp for its software.

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