The Puerto Ricans are pretty big fans of satellite TV

Across the island, the Puerto Ricans are pretty big fans of satellite TV. There were around 145,000 subscribers choosing Dish Network over Direct TV for example. And that’s how bit it is.

Dish Network lost their subscribers when hurricane Maria swept through and decimated their island, most particularly, their electrical grid, so the company needs to take a big write off.

Dish still lost an overall number of 130,000 satellite subscribers, though they get some subscribers on the mainland US, those numbers are still unpleasant to talk about.

Dish Network, however, also had some very positive news to share. The first is their losses in Puerto Rico which is not as bad as the analyst had feared. The company only lost 129,000 when the reports has an estimate of 155,000 lost subscription. And second good news is that the losses are being made up of Sling TV, (which is interesting) was the Dish streaming service.

Sling TV subscribers grew between 224,00 and 264,00 in the same period as the losses on the satellite side, far above expectation.

They say that the Sling TV is an odd beast, it has a great offer to its subscribers and allows them to pick and choose simple channel packages. However, a couple of years ago, we were disappointed when it come out, it has a clunky interface and a very poor streaming quality. Those downsides have of course improved overtime and streaming has become more popular with today:’s generation.

Below are the list of some notable changes over-time:

An alternative to satellite is streaming. They are currently trying to convince cable buyers to drop cable in favor on satellite (and this is a top-sell for satellite providers).

Currently at $20 per month, this is Sling TV’s cheapest package, for a slew of popular channels. And the weird part is that the satellite isn’t well-placed to compete directly against streaming. The market has been placed in an odd side because of the fact that the consumers are choosing between the two.

The company reported that they are seeing a surprising activity across all ages and not just with young customers.

Now, since streaming is offered by a recognizable TV brand, it means that older folks feel more comfortable turning to streaming.

With all this going on, there are talks that Dish may become a target. Major telecom, specifically, may get very interested in buying Sling TV from Dish Network And this will going to be a very tough decision for the company.

And now, we are waiting to know just how much the satellite company wanted to transition into streaming? We would also like to know if it sees Sling TV as a core part of its business or simply just a side project? This coming year, it will be very important that these questions be answered by the Dish Network company.

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