The Ring has been sued over their smart home security offerings by ADT

There is an unexpected twist in the home security market. There is a fierce competition between the Ring smart home device brand and ADT (an older security company). The Ring has been sued over their smart home security offerings by ADT. And for several reasons, this is quite a big deal.

First, Ring has been ordered to stop selling products by the judge while the courts investigate the matter. Ring is a fairly huge company, and this is really important for them since they still need revenue coming in, especially now that it is holiday season.

And no matter what the result is, being subjected to a lawsuit like this can be very damaging for a company. Code theft, an issue which is becoming more common, has consequences far beyond the security industry.

ADT’s claim is that they had funded a company named Zonoff ($36 million) to commission them to develop a software called Z1, and then went bankrupt. Ring, however, hired old Zonoff employees, including their CEO, and together they have started working their own software. There are about 75 old Zonoff employees hired.

ADT is now saing that the code being used by the Ring is that theirs and that they had paid for it. On the other hand, Ring says that as part of their own deal with Zonoff, the software they are using are paid for. Therefor they had the right to use it. Of course, the answer needs a dive down into the specific wording of these deals and into the contracts. The judge decided to stop Ring device sales while arguments are made and details are uncovered, although, no final decision has been made.

You will see that this is not the only case that goes like this if you will just look around the technology industries these days (including huge lawsuits). How the code is created and passed along and who truly owned it after years down the road is the truth behind the tech industry now and it has been a struggle. If you would jut discern it, it is such a complicated question.

This is a whole other problem, however, if you are looking for home security system to use. And to make sure that the brand you chose isn’t tangled with any legal problems or any ongoing issues, it is vital to give importance to make a careful research about the company you are buying from.

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