TIKD Speeding Ticket Lawyer App Could Revolutionize The Industry

There are lots of high-tech services to assist you on the road. We have consumer-friendly long range radar detectors, your choice of taxi apps, smart sensors that let you know where your car is, weather apps, traffic apps – lots of it and there’s an auto-friendly app for it.

But even we have never seen anything like TIKD, a venture company selling an app that literally helps you fight your traffic ticket.

TIKD’s view of traffic tickets is – well, well-known. Many cities have computerized their ticketing processes to the point that many tickets are just a formality, a way to put in some extra revenue to budget when people fail to remember or disregard the rules.

Some drivers have grown angry with this system, which can support practices like speeding traps or complex parking rules. TIKD’s answer is that if cities are going to computerize their ticketing processes to make money, then drivers can computerize their own side of the ticketing process to save money.

Let’s see how it works.

For instance, you have the TIKD app downloaded, and you get an irritating traffic ticket.

You can bring up the app, specify where and when they were tickets, take a photo of the ticket, enter the ticket amount, and supply other essential information.

You then pay a fee that is certain to be less than the sum of the original ticket (this could get complex in the future, but presently, TIKD’s limited scope makes it work), and the company will literally allocate a lawyer to your case to stand for you in court: You receive emails on how your case is going, but don’t need to get involved.

This is it – a lot of traffic tickets can be reduced just by coming with representation and asking for it. If there’s something unacceptable about the ticketing state of affairs, it may get completely removed from your record. In other words, the success rate of TIKD can be very high.

But even if you obtain points on your license (or the local equal of a failure), TIKD will give back your fee and pay your original ticket if possible. If you have to pay the ticket yourself, then TIKD will suggest a payment plan alternative.

Presently the service works in the Southeast, accessible in Atlanta, Baltimore, D.C. and some parts of Florida and Maryland.

There are limits to the process, of course – it doesn’t work with juvenile driving or any issue concerning alcohol, and TIKD won’t touch cases that is connected to serious injuries. But for smaller tickets, the app seems to work amazingly well. Would you like it to come to your city?

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